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We teach one-day workshops & on-going classes here at the studio. In order to keep track of what we’ve done & who has taught it – time to start keeping a list below

Handbuilding Roundtable

We are excited about this unique new class – crowdsourcing from the imagination & experience within our own studio for a presentation of various hand-building approaches. Five potters who hand-build in distinct ways will each teach a week or two of this eight-week class. We’ll cover lots of ground, from figurative to slab to kurinuki & seamless pots.

The goal of the course isn’t to gain mastery over the whole range – instead, from week to week, we hope that one or two of the instructors present techniques you may love, or learn from, or consider adapting to your own work.

This is a great beginning class if you’re new to the Green River Pottery studio! While any technique in clay might take years to really get good at…some of what we’ll cover will be at the same time very simple, direct, intuitive, techniques. Great starting points.

Teachers: Olive, Jan, Mason, Theo, maybe others too!
Tuesdays 10 am – 12 pm starting June 9

Pouring Vessels

It’s old-fashioned, of course, making things from clay & using them to pour out of. You can just pour from the can or carton!

But it’s satisfying, fascinating, & opens a pathway to beauty in form, creating pitchers, teapots, & other vessels that let you tip them to dispense.

This is an intermediate class. We will work mainly on the potter’s wheel – though as we construct spouts, rims, & etc that allow the flow of liquid we will venture more & more into hand-building & altering our wheel-thrown forms.

Teacher: Theo Helmstadter
Fridays 10 am – 12 pm starting June 5
Cost: 385.

Historical Forms

An intermediate wheel class February 7 – March 27.
Teacher: Leslie Hero

For a while, when you thumbed through Ceramics Monthly, it was nothing but tamari pouring vessels and whiskey sets – what was popular a hundred years ago? Have you been to a junk store or antique show and seen something ceramic you haven’t been able to identify? Maybe it was a pulley, an electric insulator, a lithophane panel for a reading light. This will be an eclectic and non-comprehensive survey of things people made out of clay (on the wheel) and that we can learn from, study, emulate. Bring some old-fashioned designs to class! We will have at least one guest speaker, an avid collector of old pottery.

Handbuilding with micaceous clay

An eight-week class with two pit firings
Fall 2019
Teacher: Lee Onstott

July Workshop Weekend 2019

Four days in our air-conditioned studios at the height of the summer Arts season here in Santa Fe. Mornings: wheel-throwing with Theo Helmstadter, or Afternoons: graphite & charcoal drawing with Chelsie Murfee – or sign up for both! Each workshop provides three daily hours in the studio. We will also find time for field trips & gallery visits.

Our goals will be inspiration, new ideas & encounters with beautiful art, enriched technical skills & design sensibility. Great if you have an on-going studio practice or a job teaching art – and the course provides 30 hours of professional development if you are teaching in the Public Schools & maintaining your licence – or, the weekend is also great if you are fairly new to art & seeking an inspiring immersive experience.

Teachers: Theo Helmstadter, Leslie Hero
July 25 – 28

Kitchen Gadgets

An intermediate wheel class focusing on functional kitchen items – utensil crocks, salt cellars, food prep pieces such as berry colanders and citrus juicers.

Weekly demonstrations will cover handles, spouts, lids, throwing multiples, making alterations, and we will apply our new techniques to a variety of kitchen gadgets. Stretch your imagination & sense of form in this playful, exploratory, class.

Teacher: Leslie Hero
June – July 2019

New Mexico geology & clay: a talk by Joshua Schwartz.

May 2019

Flowerpots & garden pieces on the wheel

In this hands-on Thursday morning workshop, make big outdoor pieces using the potter’s wheel.

We’ll explore ways to combine sections of cylinders together to make pieces on pedestals, with larger volume, with drain-holes & cut-outs, etc. Bring your design ideas & we will try them out.

Teacher: Theo

Drawing for Potters
Chelsie Murfee

Nesting Bowls
Leslie Hero

Leather-Hard Surface Effects
Rachel Donner

Glazing 101
Leslie Hero, Theo Helmstadter

The Science of Clay
Adam Atchley

Combining Wheel & Slab
Theo Helmstadter

Micaceous Basics
Lee Onstott

Designing your Wheel-Thrown Dinner Set
Leslie Hero

Surface Design & Glaze Effects
Melina Lozano
Fall 2018

Stacking Wheel-Thrown Sections
Theo Helmstater

Slab Construction Essentials
Melina Lozano

Handles, Lids, Spouts, Sets
Leslie Hero
Fall 2018

Building a Garden Totem
Jean Kvam