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Special Orders & Commissions

I am happy to undertake special orders of many kinds – custom dinnerware settings, lamps, jars, platters, wedding bowls, funeral urns.

Stoneware – fired to a very high temperature in the kiln – is food-safe, microwave & dishwasher-safe, oven-worthy. It lasts for many many years in daily use.

The clay I’m using is formulated with hand-dug, local, New Mexico materials – so the finished work, along with being inspired by the warm, ancient, beauty of the high desert, really is from the landscape here. 


Four to six weeks

is the typical time frame for production.

Shipping is easily arranged – and guaranteed – for finished orders.

175. is the rate for a four-piece setting: two plates, bowl, & cup. Many variations on the standard setting are possible – contact me here at the gallery & we can discuss sizes, numbers, rates, design choices, glaze options – for your project.

some recent special orders