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…bear with us as we make a few changes to the website over the first weeks of January. Feel free to contact us directly!

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Pottery Classes

We have been teaching one-time studio sessions for families & Santa Fe visitors, wedding parties & reunions & corporate groups & solo travelers, for many years. Groups from one to about twelve people work great – at the moment of course, we are keeping our number very low in the studio. Contact us for details.

We hope to resume our weekly classes in January 2021. Our talented teachers offer wheel classes for total beginners & those with experience too. Also classes in hand-building, clay geology of New Mexico, micaceous making & firing, and occasional weekend workshops…

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pottery classes santa fe new mexico

Studio Use

We offer access to our studio by the week or month. After a brief orientation with our studio manager you are free to sign up on the calendar & pursue your work independently. Stoneware clay & bisque firing, as well as glaze firing for about 10 moderate-sized pieces per month, is included with your registration.

Our studio is small. Our emphasis is on teaching and learning, rather than production. If you already have an established clay practice & are looking for just space & equipment, one of the other studios here in town may be a better fit.

pottery classes santa fe new mexico


Since 1998, we have featured stoneware ceramics for the collector & for everyday use. For many years (about twelve) the gallery showed the work of Theo Helmstadter, a studio potter producing wheel-thrown work with a quiet, earthy, elegance. These days the gallery shows the work of seven potters, all working in personal, evolving, totally distinct, styles.

The gallery on Lena Street, opposite Iconik Coffee, is open 9 – 5 daily.

green river pottery gallery santa fe new mexico


Green River Pottery started in 1998 as the private studio of Theo Helmstadter (that’s me). I lived at the time in an old general store in Chimayo, along the High Road to Taos, a good situation for building kilns, digging clays in Abiquiu and down along Route 14, experimenting and learning. For whatever reason, I needed to do most of the formative work of starting a studio on my own – library books and making a lot of mistakes was how things moved forward.

After ten years I moved the studio to Lena Street in Santa Fe. The project grew, students, and then interns, appeared – we rented more space across the street. Independence and self-reliance are still the ways things move forward – or so I hope at least – in classes, I or one of the other teachers (now we have three or four teachers) is likely to say that sounds like a good idea give it a try! Or they might say I don’t know, I’ve never thought of that let me know if that works!

The goal of the studio, like any art studio, is the pursuit of beauty, and beauty, elusive and instantly recognizable at the same time, leads everybody forward in a different way. No to pots are alike, no two firings come out the same, and every time I think I’ve got something figured out – it’s back to the beginning.

…here’s a popular spot in Abiquiu New Mexico where a lot of potters dig clay (mile 235 along Rt 84 if you’re wondering!)

…here’s a popular spot in Abiquiu New Mexico where a lot of potters dig clay (mile 235 along Rt 84 if you’re wondering!)