Shelter in Place:
rent a potter’s wheel, clay, & tools –
free delivery in Santa Fe!


On March 24 our studio closed to classes & independent work, as everyone was encouraged to stay home & shelter in place. Now a couple weeks have gone by & we’ve received lots of email & comment from people wanting to find ways to sustain their clay practice & find creative outlets – we’ve decided to prepare our potter’s wheels for transport & setup in your own space. As the weather warms it is fine to even set up a wheel out in your yard on on your porch, as long as it’s protected from – or moved inside during – inclement weather. Have you thrown pots outdoors yet?

Our Shelter in Place wheel program might help meet several goals:

  • relieve your cabin fever

  • the studio can sustain itself through the next few months

  • beautiful & unexpected new pots can be created in these unusual circumstances

Santa Fe New Mexico potter's wheel rental

The Details

potters wheel rental santa fe new mexico shelter in place

Wheel rental from Green River Pottery is short-term & available to anybody recently involved in the studio. The rate is $275 monthly for as long as the shelter-in-place order lasts, or, at a bulk discount, $775 for three months. If you choose to rent monthly, you can continue your rental with one week’s notice until the shelter-in-place order ends. We thoroughly clean & spray a wheel down with bleach, assemble a kit of tools, bats, and a chair. We’ll even provide a canvas drop cloth and 20 lbs of clay!

And, we can arrange to deliver your setup to you or you can pick it up if you prefer. When the order lifts or you’re done with the wheel and supplies, we will arrange pickup.

When you’ve gotten some work thrown & trimmed – imagine, in your own kitchen or living room – we will designate days when you can drive back to the studio to leave it for us. We’ll get your work bisque-fired.

While at home & at work, we’ll offer one-hour video-stream pottery classes with Theo or one of the resident potters – now might be the time to learn more about lids, or teapots, or throwing off the hump!


  • what do I do with my scrap & reclaim?

    you can discard it if that’s easiest. Alternatively, we’ll be giving you a 5-gallon bucket (did we mention that?) and you can bring scrap back to the studio when you bring your greenware.

  • What if I want to do clay with the studio’s support, but don’t feel like using the wheel?

    True. How about hand-building? We can provide a two-foot square plaster bat, 20 lbs of clay, and some basic tools for slab, coil, or pinch. We’ll also offer you a free one-hour video pottery class with one of our resident potters if you’d like to choose the hand-building option. Rental option for handbuilding is 225. per month.

  • I want to help support the studio and am willing to commit to a three-month rental. How about a discount for that!

    Yes, sure! How about 775. for the three months. Plus – if the Shelter in Place order is lifted & you want to return to the studio before your term of rental is up, we will pick up your wheel & supplies, and pro-rate the unused time to A3 studio access.

  • what if I want to rent a wheel & there are none available?

    Right – we have just ten wheels available for rental at the moment. We’ll start a waiting list. Once a waiting list is established, wheels that are returned

    will be cleaned and prepped, and the next person on the list will be notified.

  • can I really work on my own or will it be stressful? what if I have a little question about something?

    One of the resident potters will be available for Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, (everybody’s talking about Zoom!) chat to help you find an answer to even a very simple question, and to just check in & help achieve your next goal. We will remain available for support as you shelter in place & keep your clay work going!