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Harvest Moon

harvest moon santa fe new mexico

…the Harvest Moon, that is, the full moon occurring closest to the Autumnal Equinox, happens soon. I am not a farmer, not even working outside, but pulling some late nights this week, somehow knowing the waxing moon is out there is good. Here it is, a few moments ago, hovering above the studio as I wrap up for the night.

green river pottery gallery santa fe nm

…earlier today, before breakfast even, I hung the new sign I’d just gotten completed for the gallery. Finally! It’s been a long time I’ve needed a new sign – the old one, installed in 2009, when the Lena Street Lofts neighborhood was still half-empty, was ready for an update.

Not that much has changed, really, in the seven years I’ve been at 1710 Lena Street, firing the kiln once a month. A potter’s art is a slow evolution. Like the phases of the moon, I’m tempted to say, though I like to think it’s always waxing. 

Frommers travel santa fe nm

Yesterday some people stopped in the gallery. “We found you in Frommer’s!” they said. “Really?” I said, and they showed me the corner-folded page with Green River Pottery underlined, right there between Casa Nova & Stone Forest. Pretty good company.