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Hunter’s Moon

harvest moon 2018

Wikipedia: “Every full moon has many names, and most are tied to the months of the year. But some moons are tied to seasons, such as the Harvest and Hunter’s Moons.”

I snapped that picture in the middle of downtown Santa Fe, leaving someplace in the late evening. The air was crisp and the sky, after a few days of rain & snow, was starting to clear.

The days shorten. Frost on the windshield, and leaving the studio, evening, I cast a blanket over the clay mixer, half-full of clay scrap & water – I don’t want it to freeze.


It is easy to love October, always a delight and relief when it arrives – and a little sobering, reaching for a sweater, turning on the heat, closing the windows at night. One works with new vigor as the year declines – there is time for a couple more projects this year. Only a couple.

One recent project that’s been great has been a collaboration with Iconik, the coffee shop next door to Green River Pottery’s workshop studio. One day we gave Iconik fifty cups, all different, a collective study in variation. They put them out on the rack & when you ordered a coffee drink you got something like the above.

Spin-offs from the project are up at the Green River Pottery shop now. We may do a similar ‘Counter Encounter’ again with Iconik on December 15.

Meanwhile work proceeds across the street in my ‘other’ studio. New work is up on-line and the annual Holiday Open House is scheduled for December 14 – 15 this year, a Friday evening & a Saturday.

Please drop by if you’re in town! There’ll be a free shipping offer, too, if you’re out of town & shopping on line.

Email me here at the studio for details about both.

Geil Kiln

Wikipedia: “A signal conditioner is a device that converts one type of electronic signal into another type of signal. Its primary use is to convert a signal that may be difficult to read by conventional instrumentation into a more easily read format.”

I know. Not really common knowledge, at least it wasn’t to me, before this fall. One learns the significant things in life not through curiosity but through necessity. I have fired my kiln hundreds of times over the past fifteen years without being aware that the millivolt signal leaving the controller gets ‘conditioned’ by this simple little device on its way to the proportional gas valve.

I had occasion to learn.


In news of more general interest, we had a terrific time during the Lena Street Lofts open house this October. Thanks to everybody who dropped by & thanks especially to our two resident potters, here in the workshop-studio, who helped anybody who felt like trying their hand at the potter’s wheel. Leslie & Melina have been doing more of the teaching this fall, to the delight of students, and me, and, hopefully, to their delight as well. We are fortunate to have such talent here in the workshop studio.