weekly classes

 Weekly Classes

weekly pottery class Santa Fe nm

We have an on-going schedule of weekly classes here at our studio at the Lena Street Lofts in Santa Fe. These days we are adding more sections, and keeping numbers low in each section of wheel & handbuilding classes. Classes are taught by Theo, studio owner, or Mason, studio manager, or by one of our talented Resident Potters, or by an invited guest.

Please wear a tight-fitting mask that stays above your nose – hard to adjust these once you’re working on the wheel!

Scrolling down, you can find a class that meets Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, Thursday morning, Friday morning, Saturday morning.

Beginning Wheel – Beginning Clay

beginning pottery class

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked on the wheel, or you’ve always wanted to give it a try, our introductory class is a great place to start. It’s also a good introduction to our studio here at the Lena Street Lofts.

Registration is on-going & you can start on any given week, continuing for 8 weeks. This is enough time to get acquainted with the main steps in the wheel-throwing process: wedging, throwing, trimming, glazing. Work at your own pace, independently, together in a group with other students at various other stages of the process & with guidance from an experienced teacher.

We tend to focus on wheel-throwing technique, and we include handbuilding techniques alongside & also venture into altered form, coil & throw techniques, slab-building & using wheel-thrown elements to make new kinds of forms off the wheel. But if you’re eager to focus on wheel-throwing in particular, our teachers have deep experience in this. We can help you learn to center, learn to throw larger, learn to replicate sets of pieces.

Clay, glaze, & firing provided for all the work you make. A firing fee may apply if you are very prolific or working at a large (greater than 10”) scale. Access to the studio throughout the week & weekend is also provided with your registration.

Teacher: Theo Helmstadter, or Mason Robison, or a Resident potter
Cost: 395. includes materials, firing, studio access throughout the week
Class duration: two hours
Start times: Monday 10am, Tuesday 6:30pm, Thursday 10am, Friday 10am, Saturday 10am

Tuesday Morning Projects

This Tuesday morning class grew out of a series of mini-workshops we used to do weekly, presenting techniques in slab, coil, coil & throw, & surface design. Now the class has evolved toward independent projects, with some students pursuing slab forms & others working at the wheel, sometimes combining elements of both techniques.

This is an intermediate class – a change to expand your range of making methods in stoneware clay.

Choose a project such as a set or series, or a new form you’ve wanted to learn about, and work at completing it over multiple weeks, with guidance & discussion during class meeting times.

Teachers: Theo, Jan, Mason (depending on the week)
Cost: 395. includes materials, firing, studio access throughout the week
Tuesdays 10 am – 12 pm

pouring vessels by Julie Crosby, Michael Simon, John Addison

pouring vessels by Julie Crosby, Michael Simon, John Addison

santa fe new mexico pottery class

Friday Morning Projects (intermediate wheel)

A great class if you have a little potter’s wheel experience & are eager to focus your work toward functional design, throwing multiples, throwing larger. We’ll spend time exploring finished work by other potters & will spend time at the glaze table as well, looking more closely at glaze chemistry, wax resist, underglaze stains.

Each week we’ll have a project in mind that you can undertake if you’re in search of new challenges & new directions.

Teacher: Theo
Cost: 395. includes materials, firing, studio access throughout the week
Fridays 10 am – 12 pm, July 31 – September 18